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Estate & Income Tax Planning

If you don't have a plan, the government has one for you, but you probably won't like it.

Estate Planning

  • Monitoring your beneficiary designations throughout your lifetime
  • Account Titling
  • Reducing exposure to estate taxes and probate costs
  • Reviewing your wills and trusts
  • Coordinating with your tax and legal advisors

Income Tax Planning

  • What is the best way to fulfill your charitable goals?
  • Are you taking advantage of low income tax brackets and 0% capital gains rates in low income years?
  • Are you maximizing the IRS education tax credits on conjunction with your 529 Plan withdrawals?
  • Are you maximizing your ROTH contributions?
  • Are you contributing to an HSA? Pre-tax medical expenses!

*RGB Financial and LPL Financial do not provide tax or legal advice or services. Please consult your legal advisor regarding your specific situation