What to Know About 2021 Annual Report Filing for LLCs

What to Know About 2021 Annual Report Filing for LLCs

February 08, 2021

Have you received a letter notifying your business that the 2021 Annual Report Instruction Form is due? Notice the filing fee is significantly higher than last year?

On November 17, 2020, Connecticut officials cautioned businesses to avoid paying unnecessary filing fees to non-government, private entities, such as Corporate Filing Systems (CFS), offering assistance with 2021 annual report business filings.

Illegitimate agencies like CFS charge $120.00 for the service – $100.00 more than the Secretary of State filing fee. Avoid the extra cost by filing directly with the Secretary of State here

“Connecticut has made it easy for small business owners to file their annual reports online,” said Secretary Merrill. “Small business owners should be on the alert for government imposter scams like these and protect themselves by only using the official websites to file their reports.”

If you have any questions regarding your business's Annual Report, please contact us. 


Press Release: Attorney General Tong, Secretary of State Merrill, Department of Consumer Protection Caution Businesses to Look Out for Unofficial "Annual Report" Mailing

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