Investment Management

Coordination with Financial Plan

The planning process starts with establishing short and long-term objectives and completing a risk assessment. This helps to outline a client's investment objectives and constraints. It also alerts us to potential liquidity needs, time horizon and tax sensitivity helping us better construct an investment portfolio. 

Portfolio Risk Management

We believe a risk-based approach to financial planning and investment management is a critical part of achieving financial success and independence. By managing risk and following market trends we can adjust our strategic allocation during various parts of the market cycle. Proper risk assessment and management allow us to keep clients invested during volatile markets and focused on their goals.

Security Selection & Asset Allocation

Our goal is to construct portfolios by tactically blending passive & active managed securities in an allocation appropriate for a client's risk profile and time horizon. Our asset allocation philosophy diversifies across regions, countries, market caps, sectors, and industries. 
Our broker-dealer, LPL Financial, provides us access to the financial markets & universe of investment offerings. LPL does not have proprietary investment products or investment banking operations. We as financial professionals are empowered to make informed recommendations based on objective research and unique client goals.

Tax Strategies

We keep tax efficiency in mind when managing investments and selecting sources for planning distribution strategies. Our tax background allows us to identify year-round tax planning opportunities that will manage your tax burden today and in the future.